The Bremen mutual volunteer service

weltwärts-Bremen offers young people the opportunity to collect international experiences, intercultural competency and apply and enhance existing qualifications.

The weltwärts-Bremen program works under the regulations and guidelines of the overall weltwärts program by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ from the german original name). Find out more: www.weltwaerts.de

weltwärts-Bremen is a mutual programm of  the econtur gGmbH und the BORDA e.V. The program got developed and applied together with their partners around the world and further partners in Bremen.

The composite work  weltwärts-Bremen joined the weltwärts program since it's beginning in 2008 and got experience in sending and supporting multiple weltwärts generations.

Since 2015 weltwärts-Bremen takes part in the pilot phase of the south north volunteer service and welcomes volunteers from partner countries in Bremen.

Partner in Bremen

Especially important to us that we have close cooperation with our parnters in Bremen and the world. In Bremen we owe special thanks to the good cooperation and support with the Department of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen’s Authorized Representative for Federal and European Affairs of Development Cooperation  and the local waste water treatment organisation Hansewasser.

Quality- and Interest Association

weltwärts-Bremen is a member of the quality and interest association  VENTAO - standing for union of development political exchange organisations - and plays herewith a part of a development political partnership and quality development. Find out more: www.ventao.org

Quality Seal

weltwärts-Bremen got awarded the seal of the external Quifd - Quality in volunteer services - certification. This certificate honors the planning and organisation of the program and supports its continuous development.

Vision, Mission & Ambition


Intercultural Understanding

The interaction between different cultures is a personal gain. To adapt to another culture and life styles, experience new opportunities work towards a better understanding and respect for one another.


Professional Exchange

An exchange must be useful for both sides. Together with our partners we look for young people who are open to learn new things and at the same time come with qualifications that they are able to apply with great flexibility.


Personal Development

One year in a new environment is a personal challenge and supports a new self-understanding. Within everyone with appropriate openness and patience with oneself and others experience valuable development for life.

Bring, learn and extend:

Patience- Flexibility - Respect

Pioneer Work;)

South North Volunteers - Welcome in Bremen!

It has always been important for our partners and us to create an exchange on both sides. Therefore we have been happy to join the weltwärts south north component since 2015 in it's pilot phase as receiving and placement organisations.

Together with our south north volunteers, our incomers, we learn to develop and establish ourselves as hosts in Germany. This pilot project deepens our understanding for our partners.

Our Team