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Inclusion and Engagement

Returnees are always welcome in the weltwärts-Bremen programme and can be found diversely in the network.

  • Included in the seminars
  • Engagement in the Durban-Bremen Partnership
  • Working in our offices and the international networks
  • Scientific research within the network
  • ...

The Bremen weltwärts Action Days have been created as another platform for returnees to network, get engaged and included:

Bremen weltwärts Action Days

weltwärts-Bremen invites since 2013 once a year Bremenites and to Bremen to the Bremen weltwärts action days. Topics and content are getting developed and applied in different approaches from and with former volunteers.

Bremen weltwärts Action Day 2013

Alumni network Kick Off!

The first time all weltwärts-Bremen alumnis and further weltwärts alumnis got invited for a weekend to Bremen was 2013 to connect, exchange and promote weltwärts-Bremen to the Bremen public.

  • The first visit was delegated to the Chamber of Commerce of Bremen for a discussion round on how the weltwärts volunteer service gets percieved in the economy and how to strengthen the connection especially for alumnis.
  • Next off was the presentation of the weltwärts-Bremen programme on Bremens streets to the Bremen public.
  • Discussions were held, experiences exchanged with the volunteer service exchange and presented in Bremes Schlachthof between alumnis, representatives of initiatives and politics. A market of possibilities gave another platform to exchange ideas and engagement.
  • The After Show Party was celebrating the World Toilet Day with a DJ, bands, inclusive the internal BORDA Band  and a Toilet CAM for Funky Pics in a fake toilet.

The Sunday morning was used to gather for a final feedback with further ideas for interaction and networking.


    Bremen weltwärts Action Day 2014

    Social Entrepreneurship

    The idea for the Action Days 2014 developed out of a project group within the alumni network that met at the event the previous year. Next to this internal team our partners from Utamsi, a fair and organic coffee manufacturer, supported the event.
    Apart from the internal networking, in this year the contribution and exchange on the topic of social entrepreneurship as much as the introduction of local social entrepreneurs were in the focus. The Saturday contained three event parts:

    • Two workshops to the topic theme of Social Entrepreneurship (Utamsi and Oiko Credit).
    • Public Relations Event Ulrike Hiller (Representative of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen for Europe and Development Cooperation) representatives of our organisations, former volunteers and initiatives from Bremen.
    • Network Dinner to exchange and get to know each other.

    And the Sunday was again delegated to feedback, exchange and a future vision.

    Within the frame of this event a workshop and return brochure were created, as much as post cards with pictures from a photo competition for alumnis.


      Material Collection

      A brochure was designed for the workshop as additional  weltwärts-Bremen Workshop Material (in English):

      Social Entrepreneurship
      Introduction - Inspirations

      It can be downloaded here:


      weltwärts-Bremen created within the frame of the Bremen weltwärts Aktion Day 2014 a return brochure. The reflection of volunteers after their year abroad with weltwärts-Bremen is an important part of our quality work.

      Was bleibt?
      Erfahrungen von weltwärts-Bremen Freiwilligen im Ausland für das Leben in Deutschland

      It can be downloaded here (unfortunately in German only so far):


      Photo Competition

      Competition: All former volunteers of weltwärts-Bremen were requested to send in expressive pictures which represent one aspect of their year abroad as a volunteer.
      These were the four winners:

      Bremen weltwärts Aktion Days 2015

      Refugees welcome - and then?

      The Bremen weltwärts Action Day has also been delegated in the 2015 to refugees or more precise to the question what refugees welcome really means right now. What is needed? What is happening already by whom? What can I do? And what really mattered to us was to have a dialog with refugees themselves to recognize their capacities an include them.

      Therefore, Dr. Dita Vogel from the University of Bremen was running a workshop with the input of her research on  Highly Active Immigrants.

      This weekend aimed to strengthen the connection between weltwärts alumnis and south north volunteers with the focus on engagement with and for refugees.

      • Workshop: For refugees - with refugees Creating guidelines for participation and engagement with Dita Vogel
      • Public relations event in Kukoon: Presenting the weltwärts-Bremen Programme, Podium Discussion, Alumnis in exchange with South North Volunteers and workshop results.
      • After Dinner Party in Kuss Rosa with Food and Live-Music.


        Follow up event to connect the Bremen local actors.

        Another gathering was organised as a follow up to the main event for all participants and interested people based in Bremen to connect and create initiatives based on the workshop results.

        One of the results was identifying the lack of informal possibilities to meet on a friendly basis. Therefore, one former volunteer started the initiative "Meet your Neighbours" to invite people regularly into the University of Art for evening events. This initiative also turned out to become our partner for the following years event.

        Bremen weltwärts Action Day 2016 & Meet your Neighbours

        Facets of  Migration

        This year we worked on a low budget and needed to request external participants to provide for their own travel and accommodation expenses. Therefore, it just turned out to be a one day event and less alumnis were able to attend. With a lot of engagement of the individual local actors from Bremen it turned out to be an exciting exchange.

        In cooperation with the initiative "Meet your Neighbours" which developed out of the previous event we could use their network as much as their home base the University of Arts. This was an enrichment for the event.

        The Concept:


        A global perspective with the example of the Bremen-Durban sister-city partnership

        Refugees are dominating the migration debate with the focus on Germany. Migration movements are omnipresent but do not become an issue and get problematical as such everywhere and in all forms of it. With the input from Jordan and Bremen’s sister-city Durban we want to look out of the box to view migration and discuss possible cooperation.

        • Input presentations
        • Workshop
        • Bremen initiatives present themselves

        With the input from Mona from Jordan, Alvin from South Africa, Initiatives from Bremen, Bollywood dance and Indian singing it became a diverse, interesting and entertaining Saturday!

        Many thanks to: The University of Arts Bremen, Hee's interesting master project game for intercultural interaction - Das Rote Lesesofa Projekt - XbyZ - JEP(Jungen entwicklungspolitischen Forums)

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