BORDA Nicaragua, Managua

BORDA Nicaragua counts as the most efficient and reputable NGO's in Nicaragua in the field of waste water treatment and securing of basic needs (drinking water, food and fair work conditions).  BORDA Nicaragua has a country office in the technical University  of (UNI) Managua, with a private accommodation for the volunteer. The projects of BORDA reach throughout the country and are as diverse as it's team (13 people). BORDA has a strong network of cooperation partners to implement projects effectively and efficiently.

Current projects:
1. Waste water treatment plant at the slaughterhouse in Léon.
2. NPH, Children Emergency Found „Our little brothers and sisters“ in Carazo
3. Protection concept for the water catchment area of  Wiwilí

  • Support of integrated development projects of decentralized waste water technologies in Nicaragua.