South Africa


Whizzkids United -Pietermaritzburg

The Africaid Trust was founded in 2006. Africaid's main programme is:
WhizzKids United, WKU, WKU aims to create an AIDS free generation and to provide appropriate care and treatment for those kids already infected with HIV. Find out more

There are two assignment places at The Africaid Trust in Pietermaritzburg for a weltwaerts-bremen volunteer:

  • Afterschool and Marketing Volunteer at the Health Academy
  • Monitoring and Evaluation at the Health Academy


Durban Green Corridor - Durban

The Durban Green Corridor (DGC), initiated by the Municipality and the Duzi UMngeni Conservation Trust, goal to improve the environmental situation and life conscious of the citizens of the Mngeni river area. Its aim is to build a grassroot partnership of the people of eThekwini to rehabilitate the natural environment of the Mngeni basin and to create jobs and grow the regional economy through sport, recreation and tourism development.
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There are three assignment places for the programme:

  • Sustainable Tourism Development at the Durban Green Corridor Programme
  • Bike Park Developer at the Durban Green Corridor Programme
  • Project management and coordination in urban management and planning within the Durban Green Corridor Programme

INK Area Based Management - Durban

The INK Area (Inanda, Ntuzuma und KwaMashu) consisting of townships and informal settlements in an extraordinary melting pot within the eThekwini Municipality. Find out more:

There are three assignment places in the local INK office:

  • Support for Community Economic Development in Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu (INK)
  • Support for stakeholders in the Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu (INK) programme Durban, South-Africa
  • Support for Network Coordination in the Inanda, Ntuzuma and KwaMashu (INK) programme Durban, South-Africa


The BAT Centre - Durban

The BAT Centre is a community art centre found in and around the small Craft Harbour, off Durban’s Victoria Embankment. It’s Mission is to celebrate the arts and culture of Durban, KwaZulu Natal and South Africa by promoting local talent and skills, celebrating the unique cultures and encouraging cross-fertilisation of ideas to create jobs for artists by sourcing talent, imparting skills and developing markets. The centre also aims to act as a community cultural center for the city of Durban, the people of the harbour and the Esplanade and to become a resource to outlying arts, cultural centers and creative people.
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There is one assignment place:

  • Support of digital media: IT support and skills transfer, marketing and branding


ICDM - iSithumba/Durban

The iSithumba Community Development Movement (ICDM) is a community organisation. Sport and Development are guiding principles to support a self initiated sustainable development in this rural area in the outskirts of Durban. iSithumba is on of 11 village in KwaXimba's Valley of a Thousand Hills, one beautiful landscape in an traditional area, which the locals in this project make their own. Find out more:

There is one assignment place at the ICDM in iSithumba:

  • Sport and development


Durban Botanischer Garten - Durban

The eThekwini Municipality - Durban's City Municipality - with its Parks Department is responsible for the Botanical Gardens. The Durban Botanic Gardens are amongst other tasks pushing for environmental education programmes especially for township schools that they develop and apply mutually. Find out more:

There is one assignment place in the parks department:

  • Support of schools Programme coordination Durban Botanic Gardens

International and Governance Relations - Durban

eThekwini Municipality International and Governance Relations is a division of Durban Municipal authority
which coordinates the international projects of Durban and cooperates with local NGOs.The international office of the Durban City Administration manages all international relations with city partners, including Bremen, and carries out various projects in Durban.

At the eThekwini Municipality in the Department of International Relations, there is a globally-deployed site:

  • Support to the Durban Department for International Relations and Projects.

DES - Durban

Decentralised Environmental Solutions (DES) Decentralized Environmental Solutions (DES) is working with partners "Municipality Durban", the "City Partnership Bremen-Durban" and BORDA e.V. to improve the living conditions in peri-urban areas by using decentralized sanitation. The goal is to enable decentralized wastewater treatment in areas that are unable to be reached by any conventional sewage system. In addition, the focus is on a beneficial recycling of purified sewage.More Info:

At DES, there is a global site:

  • Reorganization of basic sanitation for cities and municipalities.